How to get Certbot 0.22 on Apache Ubuntu 17.04

Hi, I’m trying to Wildcards to work and so I believe having Certbot 0.22 is required as it has support for ACME V2.

I am currently on Ubuntu 17.04 using Apache. I have tried updating Certbot but the latest version I can get is Certbot 0.20.

When I try installing an SSL certificate for Wildcard domains, I am greeted with:
Wildcard domains are not supported:

I would appreciate any help, thanks!

Ubuntu 17.04 is EOL since January 2018, since it is not an LTS release. You should upgrade to 17.10.

The version available on the Ubuntu PPA for 17.10 as of today is 0.21. I believe that 0.22 is coming to the PPA soon but not here yet.

In the meantime, check this thread out that provides a couple of solutions:


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