How to generate a PrivateKey for a certificate issued with CSR?

Hi All,

I am new to Certificate lifecycle management and Encryption. Can someone give me leads if there is some way to create privatekey for a certificate generated from CSR?

My basic requirement is to renew/revoke a certificate which has been issued from CSR on an ACME server.
So renew/revoke needs a private key corresponding to the certificate issued.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @SahanaJC

you can't.

First, a public / private key pair is created. Then you can create the CSR based on the public key.

So there is no way CSR -> private key.

But if you use that certificate, you must have the private key. So there is no need to recreate / extract it.


Those are quite the opposites? Renewing also doesn't require the previous private key as generally a new keypair is generated anyway.


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