How to generate a certificate on a windows server for a website that uses Tomcat

Hi guys.

I have an app (Ysoft) on a windows server that uses tomcat. Is it posible to generate a certificate for it? Could you supply a quick guide?
We also have another server running a ticket tool (manage engine service desk) that has a web server embedded. How to proceed in such cases?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I have ManageEngine ServiceDesk installed on a Windows VM and secured with a purchased SSL certificate. Changing MESD is not hard. You have to edit a single config file to point to the certificate.

So assuming that you have a working Windows client for LE, you could point MESD to that cert and be good to go.

Just wondering if you made any progress on this. A quick guide would be extremely helpful and surely a great resource.

i use it on Debian (linux) little more stable for us.
that said - considering using Cloudflare since I have it set for 8443 anyway.

LE not / doubt will ever be supported due to them having paid product to handle LE certs.