How to encrypt postfix?


I have set up fail2ban and Postfix configured with DKIM to send me mails and it works except I would like to get my mails encrypted.

I found this tutorial:

I run:

sudo postconf -e ‘home_mailbox = Maildir/’
sudo postconf -e 'mydomain =
sudo apt install letsencrypt
sudo letsencrypt certonly --standalone -d

And I get:

Problem binding to port 443: Could not bind to IPv4 or IPv6.

And find this:

But I don’t know what to do. Any help wil be much appreciated, thanks!

there runs a webserver or something else on port 443. You can’t use standalone mode if there is already something on that port

Since you already have a certificate for your domain ( ) you can use that certificate for postfix - or are you trying to obtain a certificate for a different domain ( possibly )

I would love to use the same certificate to postfix.

How do I do that?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just follow the section for “Setting up SMTP authentication” in the link you provided in your first post.

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