How to Auto-Update Cert?

Does anyone know how to use the following command

"- This certificate will not be renewed automatically. Autorenewal of --manual certificates requires the use of an authentication hook script (--manual-auth-hook) but one was not provided"

I generated a new certificate with DNS Challenge using this command, but I would like to have this work automatically from now on instead of going it ever 90 days

sudo certbot -d --manual --preferred-challenges dns certonly

Hi @duke_seb,

How is your DNS hosted? To do this, you need a way of updating the DNS TXT records from software. (For some DNS hosts, someone else may already have written a script to automate this process.)


its hosted with

I don't think noip has an API that allows automated updates. You could ask them and then write your own auth hook as noted in that link you shared (or per the Certbot docs)

I checked which supports a lot and also lego but neither of those support noip

Can you change the name servers to something that would support an API? Cloudflare is a popular choice


I also looked briefly on the forum history and it doesn't seem like other people previously found a solution for automating this with no-ip. So I agree with @MikeMcQ that the easiest thing might be to switch elsewhere (or ask no-ip to help by finding/creating documentation for an API that can be used to create and update DNS records from software).


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