How to acme challenge with Website runnning Apache, Django and FreeBSD

thank you, I am done working on it for now unless I get some serious answers then I will try it on my other django application... but otherwise I will kick back finish the rest of that project and will be all ears for answers...


If you're running Apache, you might be interested in mod_md. It's an Apache module taking care of all the certificate stuff. Not sure however if it's available on FreeBSD.


Or whether it would play nice with django


I'm not that familiar with mod_md, but I assumed it's a layer "above" the whole WSCGI stuff configured in a regular VirtualHost. I.e.: the challenge request doesn't even get there.

But as I said, not that much experience with mod_md, so I might be wrong here.

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Maybe so. They could even try the TLS-ALPN-01 in mod_md


they are all available you just download put it in the folder and then load it in apache... that's what I did with the other one I added for python mod_wsgi maybe?

Seems mod_md already comes with Apache 2.4 on FreeBSD since 2020: GitHub - icing/mod_md: Let's Encrypt (ACME) in Apache httpd


mod_md/src/mod_md.c at master ยท icing/mod_md ( I looked at the code but I didn't see anything that was linux specific aka systemd but you're right mod_md is part of apache already bundled by default...

you're right, I would just have to enable it without installing anything

If you're interested :slight_smile:

I've heared positive experiences with mod_md, but haven't tried it myself.


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