How Letsencrypt work for windows IIS in other port?

My websit was closed port 80 and 443 . I used letsencrypt-win-simple to requerst ,but have an error. How Letsencrypt work for other port?


The short answer is it won’t work on other ports ( since it needs to prove you own / control the website).

You can use the DNS-01 challenge, which just works with DNS though, and doesn’t connect to your server directly at all.

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How to use the DNS-01?

I don’t believe letsencrypt-win-simple supports the DNS-01 challenge, many of the other alternative clients to though.

In summary, with a client that supports the DNS-01 challenge it asks you to place a specific TXT record in your DNS ( or if your DNS provider has a good API, can do this automatically). Let’s Encrypt then checks the TXT record in your DNS to verify you have control over the domain, and will then issue a certificate to you.

exactly how you do it, depends on which specific client best suits your requirements.

If your website is closed on port 443 to the internet - why do you want a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate ?


Maybe for another kind of service like IMAPS or XMPP?

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