How i can inspect the boulder source code while running like debugging the source on other ide`s?

Actually i am new to lets encrypt domain. and in in order to understand the source code flow and also need to use the boulder for the organization i work,also have a plane to do some customization in order to connect with my own infrastructure,
but as a beginner any document that how can i inspect the source code while running like we do debug in other ide's. is it possible ? not for building the source code cause i done it already

it would be great if you can help me as beginner in this big ocean..

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I can't offer much help with the request to review Boulder while running, but I'm curious about your use case. If you're trying to run an internal certificate authority, Boulder is considerably heavy weight for that. I've seen it recommended on the forum to use something like It also has ACME support so you can use existing clients like Certbot within your internal PKI.

You can also look at (written by a Boulder developer) as you wade into the ocean of certificate authorities and familiarize yourself with them.


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