How do you see what certbot *would* do to your config files without --dry-run

maybe it was buried in the log somewhere but even if so that's still annoying and it should be broken out somehow

There's no such option. Certbot won't touch your servers configuration files if you use certonly and stay away from the --apache or --nginx authentication plugins.


Hi @bkerin welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

I guess there are only two ways to know:

  • compare the changed files with copies from before the change
  • read through the code and see for yourself what it would do

If you actually don't want it to do anything then you can insure that with the null installer.
certbot -i null
then choose an authentication method and domain, etc.
Or let it prompt for you for anything else that it should need.

Note: -i null can be combined with other things that would overlap but -i null would override them.
certbot -i null --apache
certbot -i null --nginx

certbot -i null certonly would be redundant; as certonly would also NOT try to install anything.

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