How do you certify a new Ubuntu 17.10 server?

I managed to set up a server which was serving images to eBay. After using this for a year or more, eBay wouldn’t show listings for descriptions that came from insecure connections (You know, http instead of https), so I fiddled around with instructions online until I managed to install and run letsencrypt on an Ubuntu 16.04.3 lts server.

Just to emphasize, I am not sure how I managed it, but it worked, that’s all I needed.

Along the way, I goofed up the operating system on one of my machines, and decided I would use it as the server, as I don’t need anything super powerful. I installed Ubuntu 17.10 server on it, transferred all the gubbins for the webserver, and realized I couldn’t read the pages on the https domain (Two domains, one is not ssl. Because it’s a Dynamic Dns situation, I couldn’t get the certification for one domain being “too many” for that domain, so picked a second of the free ones.), but am connecting with the domain using http.

Realizing I didn’t have the letsencrypt installed on the new system, and have now walked into the darkest part of the woods here, have absolutely no idea what to do, and am stuck on what the heck I’m reading in the community here.

So, what the heck am I supposed to do to get SSL working on the new setup?

If you are running Apache webserver, have a look into the step-by-step guide from the official certbot documentation:

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Alright, thank you. Yep, it’s Apache 2, regular stuff that comes with an Ubuntu install. I still have the old server, untouched. I’ve cloned it, and if nothing else, I will see if I can put it on that hard drive.

Update: I never got the certification working on 17.10. The backup wouldn’t work on the new machine, I got the clone over, but then couldn’t get the ethernet working. I spent a long time re-installing Ubuntu server 16.04.3 LTS to the old machine, which is a task in itself, because the bios doesn’t support USB (I used the PLOP boot manager, no CD drive in this dinosaur.).

I updated and installed everything, then found I cannot just copy the information from the old server to the new home. I finally just went through all the steps to install the certbot, documented here:

So, thank you all for the help, I will call this one good, though I didn’t actually fix the problem, just repeated the old solution.

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