How do I submit a CSR for the Let’s Encrypt CA to issue a certificate?

I already have a CSR from Network Solutions which they say I must submit to a CA to get a completed certificate. Then I must email that certificate to a specific address they gave me.

Cant figure how to submit that CSR to the Let’s Encrypt CA. Can anyone help please?

Honestly for this situation, the easiest route would probably be using an online service such as It makes the process simple for using a CSR and manually completing challenges. (You want Online Tools - Free SSL Certificate Wizard)

Normally it’s not ideal because this requires a manual process, but it appears you’ll be using a manual process somewhere along the line regardless. Now, keep in mind that Let’s Encrypt certificates have a validity period of 90 days, so you’ll have to do this several times a year. You might consider using a commercial CA that issues longer-lasting certificates, or switching providers to someone who doesn’t require such a work-intensive process.


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