How do I perform regression testing on let's encrypt certificate issuance?

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I am a web hosting provider who provides free HTTPS certificates to the domain owners on my platform automatically using Let’s Encrypt.

I need to be able to test out repeatedly the process of issuance of certificates for a domain. Since I do not have unlimited domains to test with, I need to be able to fully reset all certificates or any process that have occurred on a domain so I can repeat the process in a test suite.

How can I do this ?

I am using Node/Express and greenlock as my server software.

Which characteristics do you want to test? Perhaps an end-to-end test of greenlock is not as valuable as you think.

You can use the Let’s Encrypt staging service for a realistic integration test, however it does not and cannot reset state. If you use a new ACME account every time, it should largely avoid shared state between tests though.

Otherwise, you could try run beside your test suite and point greenlock against it.

In any case, it would not be suitable to run tests against the live Let’s Encrypt service, since it would get rated limited rapidly.

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