How do I obtain a multi domain certificate?


I’ve read all the articles but I can’t find any link as to how I actually obtain or purchase a multi domain certificate or any certificate for that matter.

Can you provide a link for purchase? There is nothing I can see on the cert bot site either…


You can get mutidomain cert by specifing (extra) -d

For example
certbot -d -d -d

You’ll get one certificate which include three domains specified
Thank you


I see, but where do I get this certificate? Is there a link on this cite or certbot ? I’m new to this site and SSL so I’m sorry if I appear to be asking stupid questions.


There’s a “Getting started” on the site:


To get a certificate, you’ll run certbot or some other client—there are lots of client options, some of which don’t even require you to install any software (like With whichever client you use, you’ll need to specify all the domains you want on the cert.


IF you choose to have just one certificate with all domains. But that’s not the only option. @westgate might choose to have one certificate per site (with for example two hostnames per certificate, only the www subdomain and the ‘bare’ domain hostname). It’s all possible.


The LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates that certbot obtains for you are free. They are not purchased and they are highly customized so can not be downloaded from a link.

Running the cerbot program on your computer will communicate with LetsEncrypt, generate a customized certificate for your domain, which it will then store on your machine. The program may also install the certificate on your web server.

To generally describe what the GettingStarted link above teaches, using your terms:

  • you download and then run certbot on your computer
  • certbot then generates, downloads, and stores one or more customized certificates for you


Something that the Getting Started link emphasizes, which we should probably emphasize much more strongly, is that the best way of getting certificates depends a lot on your web hosting environment. In any case, there is no link on the Let’s Encrypt site itself to register an account or obtain a certificate, as several people have commented; it always involves running some kind of compatible software, including, if necessary, in your web browser via a service like ZeroSSL.


Offtopic: well, if one might suggest improvements, but forgets about his PR, it gets closed without any warning, so good luck with helpful users improving the site…


Have you considered putting a “Register” or “Download a Certificate” link and page up, which explains this and then links to the “getting started” page?

I know it sounds silly, but there are entire subfields of UX that deal with managing user expectations and usage patterns like this. A particular site I once helped run had a clear correlation with the volume of complaints/support requests and the ordering of elements in a navigation bar. If a certain item wasn’t on the leftmost or rightmost position, people just didn’t recognize it.


Thank you. That explains it so even I can understand. I will try this. I am hosting with Hostgator. They tell me they support certbot but as a 3rd party…so I’m not 100% sure how that will work.


You can get a wildcard certificate on or which is also free provided by let’s encrypt but I would recommend you to use certbot or other software because it has the auto renew so you wouldn’t get tired renewing your certificate 4 times a year! :grinning:


I recently read a blog post about how to install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL in Hostgator Websites using as a third party service to create the certificates.

Take a look at here:


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