How could I get the password for keyfile?


I’ve searched the community to find out how to get the password for the keyfile. But I didn’t find a solution to get it work. I need it to install the certificate on my netscaler.


As far as I know, the private key generated by letsencrypt has no password at all. If you need a key with password you could do something like this:

openssl rsa -aes192 -in yourprivatekeywithoutpassword.pem -out newprivatekeywithpassword.pem

The command will ask for the new password and will generate the new key.

Whatever you do, make a backup of the original key… just in case :wink:

Edit: changed cypher from des3 to aes192 in example command.



Yes, that is correct.


wait a sec why des3? isnt aes better (assuming openssl can aes)


Worked perfect. thx a lot


It was just an example, you could use -aes128, -aes192, etc. instead of -des3.


well okay, but if people used that right as you wrote it and trust it (because they have no idea about the stuff) their key might be compromised faster than they might think…


Saying that 3DES could be broken so badly isn’t really true, i agree 3des is a legacy cypher suite and aes is the preferred one but to break a 3des key it should take more than 10 years using a lot of resources.

By the way, I agree that if we need to recommend something we should avoid 3des so I’m going to edit my example in previous post.