How can I use API in my code. and what is api link and how get API key credential

how can I use API in my code.
what is api link and how get API key credentials.


Please take a look at the following link:

Thank you

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Could you explain more about your setup? There are many ACME clients, and ACME libraries for many programming languages, and one of them might be good, or a good starting point.

This might sound like a joke, but you have to use the API, actually.

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The API you want to use is the ACME-v2

Automatic Certificate Management Environment

The IETF-document has some samples, so you can write your own client. Or use one of the libraries.

"Credentials" - first you have to create a new acccount, you need a public / private RSA-key pair, letsencrypt stores the public key. Later you have to sign your commands with the private key.

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