How can I make a ssl generator

I am a free hosting reseller.
I wanted to add a free ssl generator in my website but I am new in making a ssl generator
If anyone can help me make a ssl generator

Do you use a standard piece of software, such as cpanel or plesk to manage your hosting? If so, there are existing plugins you can use.

Do you use something custom? If so, you can use an ACME library to integrate and issue certificates as part of your management setup.

There is an integration guide which contains several points to keep in mind, especially if you are a very large hosting company: Integration Guide - Let's Encrypt


I use vistapanel

I believe (from a quick search online) that vistapanel is version of cPanel.

You may be able to simply follow these instructions:


Vistapanel free hosting doesn't support any plugins and not a terminal

Is it possible to get a sample ssl generator code or any software

I'd suggest moving to one of the many control panels which does support automated certificate management, e.g. actual cPanel.

If you don't have the required level of access to install plugins or run certbot etc then you probably don't have the required access to validate domains and install SSL certificates.

There are many ACME client options which you may be able to use, but it all depends on what you are actually trying to do: ACME Client Implementations - Let's Encrypt


I don't want to get certs for myself I wanted to provide free certs to my customers

Does acme clients can be used to provide cert to my customers

Yes, there are many options, have a look at whether you can change to a control panel system that supports automatic certificates, or look at Certbot. You will need administrative access to the server to install the certificates.

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VistaPanel is not a skinned cPanel, it is its own control panel developed by Byet Internet Services

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