How can I get important updates like the DST Expiry in the future

I have a more general question regarding this change. What is the best way to stay informed about these kinds of things for a "casual consumer" of LE's wonderful and easy service? We had a couple of disruptions w/ this expiration, and I feel like I've missed the boat on how I may have funneled an alert to my awareness before it happened. I really can't commit to frequenting forums, and I can't be alone--is there a rss feed or something for important alerts?


Hi @nrasmus, and welcome to the forum! We provide this information via the API Announcements category here, which can be consumed either through your forum account (and therefore through email), or if you prefer, in RSS feed form. Details here: About the API Announcements category


Welcome to the community! There are several great ways to be informed of future changes that may affect Let's Encrypt subscribers.

API Announcements and Calendar
We highly recommend subscribing to our API Announcements Category of this forum. In several of those posts, you will also learn that we have a calendar you can subscribe to.

Subscriber E-mail
Depending on the change, we also send emails. To receive emails, your Let's Encrypt ACME account registration needs to include a valid e-mail address. Accounts can be updated after creation and client docs will provided specific information on how to do that. Note, that account e-mails are also used for expiration notices so there is the potential for additional mail and unsubscribing from expiry mail also unsubscribes from other mail.

Other Platforms
We do cross post and share information in other places including our blog/website and our twitter. However, the information in both places is not strictly the kinds of changes that could funnel an alert to your awareness.


One last one! While our newsletters are generally geared more toward organizational updates, we have mentioned this quite a bit in our newsletters in the past two years! Join our Newsletter Community

But DEFINITELY subscribe to the API Announcements category here on our community forum. It's a great tool.


Thanks everyone! I'll follow your advise--the rss from here into our ops slack channel sounds great for our needs.