Hostgator, outlook showing ssl error

Hello, we use Hostgator as provider, since 2 days ago our outlooks clients are showing error SSL, and the hostgator support told us that its fault of let´s encrypt ssl cert.

Why is it happening? Hostgator keeps saying thats its third party fault not them. Is the certificate working normally to other providers? when is it going to back to normal?

Thanks. Andre J.

My domain is:

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: HOSTGATOR

Hello, is there someone using hostgator mail and having same problem?

Which protocol has a Let's Encrypt certificate? Your HTTPS seems to have a "Starfield" certificate enabled. And I can't connect to your SMTP or IMAP ports, so I can't check anything.

Also, it would be helpful to know the exact error Outlook is throwing. Because now it's just a guessing game.

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Hello, well website is fine as we use another cert, but for email that we are having trouble

Here is the error showing on outlook buddy, thanks

You know what could possibly be? shows that the certificate is expired

It says (Server which youre trying to connect is using a security certificate that cant be confirmed, The target name is incorrect) then you click in (Show certificate), it shows this another window

THe expiry date is correct, because is 2022, but hostgator support says
(we are having problems with Lets Encrypt cert, and (they) are looking to resolve the issue), hostgator is saying that is lets encrypt fault :frowning:

That's not a Let's Encrypt certificate I'm seeing in the screenshot, but one from cPanel.

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Yes, but when i talk to hostgator about this issue, they said (Letscrypt is finding a resolution for this error with ssl cert, its a third party and we cant do much about it)

Its been already 3 days, thats why i asked if someone is using webmail hostgator and having the same issue.

I'm sorry, but Let's Encrypt cannot be responsible for issues with a certificate from a different Certificate Authority. So I believe Hostgator isn't correct or they don't tell you the whole story.

That said, there have been issued a lot of certificates for your domain with Let's Encrypt lately: | including 5 duplicate certificates (the last 5 at this moment).

So maybe Hostgator indeed has issues with getting a 6th duplicate certificate, which is not possible due to rate limits, but if that's the case, it's their own fault, as they've already issued 5 certificates and they should use one of those!

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OK ill talk into the hostgator support and give your information, so i want the real truth about this issue, thank you osiris

There are several pieces to this TLS puzzle:

  • The cert on your domain [not relevant]

  • The cert on the webmail site for your domain (if any) [not relevant]

  • The cert on the mail transport [relevant]
    What is the FQDN where you get/send your mail through (configured in Outlook clients)?
    What ports do they use?

Oi @andre.jardim, além disso, o "Aviso de Segurança da Internet" não faz menção de um certificado vencido (como seria o caso com os problemas que muita gente encontrou nos últimos dias com o certificado raíz da AC que havia assinado o certificado velho da Let's Encrypt). Diz que o nome no certificado é diferente do nome do próprio servidor, o que foi confirmado na janela de "Informações sobre o Certificado", que diz que o certificado foi emitido para um nome específico diferente do nome que a aplicação tentava usar para conectar-se com o serviço.

Além de não ser um certificado Let's Encrypt, como disse meu colega @Osiris, não é um certificado vencido ou inválido, é meramente não o certificado adequado para esse nome de serviço. O Hostgator terá que determinar porque não.

É possível que o Hostgator mencionou a Let's Encrypt na sua resposta porque a expiração recente do certificado raíz que mencionei acima provocou muitíssimos problemas de verificação de certificados na Internet na semana passada, e talvez muita gente chegou ao ponto de responder por padrão "deve ser o certificado Let's Encrypt..." a toda e qualquer pergunta sobre certificados, sem nem conferir!

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Thank you @schoen today the certs are not showing any error anymore, i think that hostgator resolved the issue (of course coincidence because yesterday i created another ticket with all infos i got here), i think they realised something and resolved

thank you very much everyone the posted in this thread, peace


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