Hit limit during certificate renewal

Hi today I renewed certificate 5 times for a domain and hit a limit. Unfortunately I was not aware about that and I don’t have generated keys. Is there a chance to renew for a last time before 7 days (or before first april as since april renewals won’t count to certificates limit)? What can I do in that case?

No, you can’t renew that specific certificate again. You should have been more careful and you should have read the Let’s Encrypt documentation.

You can bypass the renewal rate limit by adding or removing a hostname from the certificate. That way it won’t count as a renewal, but as a “new” certificate. Be careful though, as those new certificates do count towards the max. certificates per domain name per week (but that limit is higher than the renewal rate limit).

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Brilliant, worked out like a charm. Thanks! Life is too short to read all the manuals.

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Not necessarily in the case where you already hit the limit but to prevent it next time, you can use the staging api. If your client is certbot, you just include the --dry-run flag.


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