Heroku SSL through LE says CDN not returning HTTP challenge?



I have an SSL set up through Heroku's ACM. It is working fine for www.foundation-x.org but not foundation-x.org

The error is "CDN not returning HTTP challenge" but there is no CDN being used here

@tmanick_ha Welcome to the community.

I do not fully understand your problem. But, you have many network parts. Your DNS indicates you are using AWS Global Accelerator (a kind of CDN). Also, I saw a response indicating AWS ELB (Elastic Load Balancer) was also used. These can be complicated to setup especially for Let's Encrypt ACME http challenges.

You also have Heroku's ACM, a Cowboy server, and a vegur component.

I do not have the expertise to help with such a complicated configuration. Maybe someone else will help but you may want to ask for help on a Heroku forum. That is the part trying to create and manage the certificates so they should be able to help you more than we could here.


I see:

Name:      foundation-x.org

Name:      blooming-nightingale-v0ocw1i3vv0tj3vopw24zd86.herokudns.com
Aliases:   www.foundation-x.org

Is there a CDN or not?


Hello, apologies, I don't see how to close a ticket, but this ended up getting resolved. The entire situation was a miscommunication with the client, and Let's Encrypt was not the issue.