Help installing Certbot in Opensuse 15.1 Vicidial pay support

I need help installing a certbot in vicidial, and i want an automatic script to replicate, i can pay with paypal for the services, not so much but i can pay, please send me proposals if you can.

Thanks in advanced.

alfiomunoz dat


Are you able to get it done?

Nope, I want help, i need to see how to do it, an script or something like that.

Here’s the instruction:

First of all, I’m going to assume your HTTP site is working properly.

  1. Install certbot
    Follow the direction until the “Run” section:’s_Encrypt

  2. Run certbot
    If you are using Nginx, use: sudo certbot --nginx -d $domain -d www.$domain (Include other domain when necessary)
    If you are using Apache, use: sudo certbot --apache -d $domain -d www.$domain (Include other domain when necessary)
    Agree to Terms of Service, enter your email address when prompted, and let certbot configure https if your HTTP site is working.

  3. Visit your site and it should be working in HTTPS already :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hi, I follow it all the steps, but the results are always the same:

vicibox9:~ # certbot --apache
Saving debug log to /var/log/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.log
Too many flags setting configurators/installers/authenticators ‘webroot’ -> ‘apache’
vicibox9:~ #

I had a VPS in the cloud with a snapshot, i always revert the configuration to test like a new server.

you really need to remove that cli.ini file.

For the first step, you need to follow three sections of that tutorial.’s_Encrypt#Add_repo’s_Encrypt#Install_packages’s_Encrypt#Modify_configuration

Then, use the second step I provided.

Thanks, i removed it and made some changes, i will post the solution down, thank you again.

Hi, thank you for your answers i use two combined to work.

zypper install certbot python-certbot python-certbot-apache

Move cli.ini mv /etc/certbot/cli.ini /usr/src/

Later edit:

nano /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/1111-default-ssl.conf and replace the default sample domain there. For example with your truly domain.

After that run:

certbot --apache -d

Follow the instructions and restart apache

service apache2 restart

Point to :

And that its, is working.

Thanks both of you, if you send me as i promised your paypal account i can send you 10 or 15 with no problems.

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I don’t think we are supposed to receive money :grin:

Glad it’s working

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