Helloworld.letsencrypt.org certificate expired


It seems like the certificate at https://helloworld.letsencrypt.org expired at 29th of May this year.

According to https://crt.sh/?q=helloworld.letsencrypt.org two new certificates were issued at 30th of May, but none of them are currently being served by the web server.

I assume the certificate at https://helloworld.letsencrypt.org is supposed to be valid.

Jostein Tveit

It’s supposed to be that way for the reasons mentioned here.

Thanks for the info!

So it’s because the new intermediate CAs are not signed by the ISRG root, and therefore are unable to issue new certificates with a proper chain?
I hope you will issue a new certificate when the intermediate CA is signed by the root.

If it will take some time to do the key ceremony, it would have been nice to have an explanation on the site, why it has an invalid certificate.

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