Green Address bar

Do You Give The Green Address bar

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Let’s Encrypt will provide DV certificates, which generally show the green lock and HTTPS text, not EV certificates, which generally additionally show a company name in a green box.

  • This is the UI view for a DV certificate in Chrome

  • This is the UI view for a EV certificate in Chrome


So You are saying that they will not give you the EV

Yes. EV requires various verification procedures that can’t be easily automated by a computer system without constant human intervention so currently aren’t a goal for Let’s Encrypt.

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thank You
will you ever support EV

We expect that Let’s Encrypt won’t support EV, because the EV process will always require human effort, which will require paying someone. Our model is to issue certificates free of charge, which requires a level automation that doesn’t seem compatible with EV.


Okay I understand Now. Thank you