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Yep, fair enough, I've just not been aware that DSP and HSP are commonly used, if everyone else does use them then go ahead.


To be honest, I've only seen them being used by a single user on this Community.

Personally, I think we should only have abbreviations in the Glossary which are commonly used on the web. For example, DSP in my mind stands for Digital Signal Processor. I'm not sure if it's wise to include newly invented abbreviations on the Glossary, just so we can start using them on this Community.


To be fair to @rg305 I can indeed find other websites that mention HSP in that context, but not DSP. I'm currently developing some guitar software for fun, so DSP has a strong alternative meaning for me. I admit I'm just not a big fan of abbreviation.


I feel like this is possibly an intent to codify through similarly structured terms the layers with which certificate seekers struggle:

DNS Service Provider

Hosting Service Provider (remote hosting) / Internet Service Provider (local hosting)

Webserver software (Apache, nginx, IIS)

ACME client


I'd just like to put in my 2c that I've only ever seen DSP and HSP used rarely here in this community and no where else. And every time I see them in use, my brain does a double take wondering what they're referring to before I remember where I am.

It's telling that the wikipedia pages you linked to call them "Managed DNS Provider" and "Web Hosting Service" (or more succinctly "web host") rather than "DNS Service Provider" and "Hosting Service Provider". In the nicest possible way, this feels a little like a Mean Girls "fetch" situation.

The other point of confusion a lot of folks have with DNS Providers specifically is they don't even realize they have a DNS provider because they're just using the default DNS hosting from their registrar. They don't even realize they can have a separate provider for their DNS.


This is exactly what I believe is a motivation for attempting to "make uniform" a set of terms. It's like trying to identify a family of siblings or floors of a building. I'm not saying whether or not it makes sense to add more terminology (in this case abbreviations) to try to emphasize such relationships. I personally have no problem using the distinct terms without the added "Service Provider" family to tie them together. I do strongly believe though that we could greatly benefit from a "basics" topic/page that clearly names and outlines these "layers" of website-operation to bring better awareness of their existence and how they interact with one another and the certificate-acquisition process. This might make the public a little wiser and better organize the approach we all take collectively when aiding people. I'm a big fan of having well-constructed, specific, standardized knowledge points to use/give as reference.

For example:


I guess I can learn to type out words instead of using abbreviations...
Or I'll do both!