GKE + Certmanager - Problems while changing issuer

My domain is: www.secretwish.in

I am having three issuers, apparently, the first issuer reached its limit of 100 domains (SAN), hence I planned to move some of the domains to the new issuer via Ingress.

The configuration took place but the domain that I moved from issuer 1 is not working in issuer 2 (As in the SSL being shown is of Kubernetes Fake Certificate, it's not allocating the cert via new issuer, and considering we have changed the config, the website has stopped working.

My web server is (include version):
Google Cloud -> Nginx

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):
Nginx + LAMP

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:

Hello, can anyone help on this please?

As you've noticed by lack of posts, probably not. Personally, I have no idea what "GKE" is exactly and I don't have experience with "Certmanager". Also, you're talking about "issuers" like it's common knowledge, what probably isn't the case on this Community. I'm assuming an "issuer" is something related to GKE or Certmanager.

So in conclusion: the way you've written your post makes that it's probably only understandable by persons with intimate knowledge of "GKE" (whatever that is) and "Certmanager". And those persons are probably not around on this Community. So that's probably why nobody has responded to your thread currently.

GKE - Google Kubernetes Engine.

Following Kubernetes setup is being used by us - Secure Kubernetes Services with Ingress, TLS and Let's Encrypt

The help we need is the issuer that we made crossed 100 domains limit post which we created a new issuer and tried moving some of the domains from issuer 1 to issuer 2.

One of the domains www.secretwish.in was moved from Issuer 1 to Issuer 2 is now NOT working, as in the certificate that we see is Kubernetes Fake Certificate, wanted to take the community's help in figuring out where we're going wrong.

Hoping that someone helps with this.

I recommend to post your issue on a Kubernetes specific help forum too, in case no-one here is able to help you.

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