Getting rid of

I realize that there is no code to remove Let’s Encrypt. I had Let’s Encrypt and decided I wanted to use a DigiCert cert instead. I installed the digicert cert but am having trouble with Is that part of the Let’s Encrypt product?

when I run a test of my ssl at I get:

Certificate does not match name

Valid from 16/Oct/2018 to 13/Oct/2028

We carefully looked through httpd.conf and htppd-ssl.conf and can’t find mention of If it is part of Let;s Encrypt, how can I get rid of it?

That’s a self-signed certificate that was generated by some of Bitnami’s software.

Can you look through the Apache configuration or Bitnami’s documentation for some sort of default certificate or default HTTPS virtual host thing?

No, it isn't.  

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