Getting a certificate for an unsupported server OS

I’ve made it into the beta program, and would like to obtain some SSL certificates.

However, all of my servers run OpenBSD, which is no yet supported. Is there any way of obtaining the certificates from a machine that’s not the one the A/AAAA records point to?
I went through all the client documentation, but found no mention of this being possible.

Hi, you can try the manual mode. Than it is possible to request the cert from another PC/Server
and put the verification onto your OpenBSD server.

[quote=“hobarrera, post:1, topic:2671”]
from a machine that’s not the one the A/AAAA records point to
[/quote] Yes this is possible via manual mode. But than it is not automated.
Or you need your own script for automation.

Thanks! Can you point me in the right direction for manual mode? I seem to have overlooked it completely.

I wanna know too. I have a windows for a webserver and another that doesnt really have SSD or similar so I wanna use my raspi at home for that.

Just use ./letsencrypt-auto -a manual, it’s not in the interface IIRC, see

Thank, that was quite simple (though it did require a very short downtime on my server).

For posterity’s sake, here’s the command I used:

./letsencrypt-auto --agree-dev-preview --server auth -a manual
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hm… now the only thing I need is access to the beta.