Generate cert for multiple subdomains when not all are HTTP accessible


i’m trying to generate a certificate for a domain of mine and multiple subdomains of it. The problem i’m suffering is that some of these domains are not available through HTTP service. For example i would liek to get a certificate for:,,,, www ., www . <- Those domains are available through HTTP service - ie nginx - and there’s no problem at all.,,,,,,,, smtp.example.fooo and so on: Those subdomains are not available through HTTP.

Does anyone know how could i proceed in order to generate these certificate for those domains/subdomains avoiding to use --manual option? Maybe i could create some kind of txt on DNS zone?

I’ve also seen these - Boulder - repository but still don’t know if it could help me.


There is a DNS based challenge but the official client doesn’t support it, one that does is

Thanks a lot for the reply. :slight_smile: I finally managed to generate the certificate through the official client.