Geeting Issue in nginx proxy setupp with node app

last day all things is working fine, i had setup nginx proxy for node application

but today my app not working geeting error msg 502 Bad Gateway

openssl s_client -connect -servername
connects just fine. takes a very long time then returns:
504 Gateway Time-out

I suspect there is some user agent check that is redirecting to a non-existing backend system/port.
I would review the last changes and confirm all backend systems are reachable.
Or maybe a reboot can get things going again…

SSLLabs can also connect and returns "A"
But also shows: (Request failed)
Test duration 139.88 seconds
HTTP status code Request failed
HTTP server signature Unknown

@systemadmin can you share the configs here

This usually means the node.js backend has failed for some reason. Try restarting it.

If that doesn't work there there should be a message in /var/log/nginx/error.log indicating what the problem is.

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