Ftp + le = ftps?

Can i use Let’s Encrypt for FTP encryption. FTP + TLS?

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I use an LE certificate for my FTP server - only nuance is the updating.


Yes. Let’s Encrypt certificates are suitable for any TLS server, including FTPS

Your FTP(S) server will not be able to pass the Let’s Encrypt Domain Validation on its own though. If you run a web server with the same DNS name (e.g. ftp.example.com is your FTP server, but it’s also an HTTP server) you can use the same exact certificate (and key) as you use for the web server, and that’ll work fine. If you don’t, you can investigate Certbot’s “standalone” mode, where it runs a mini web server just long enough to perform validation (if you have a firewall you would need to allow this through) or you could look at DNS-based validation methods.


Works, thank you :slight_smile:

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