First try on OS X hangs early: 2 Questions

Hello, here is an other newbee.

(System: OS X 10.11.1. Xcode installed. Command “git clone” already done.)

i used as root the command
./letsencrypt-auto --help --debug

the output is:

grep: /etc/os-release: No such file or directory
Bootstrapping dependencies for Mac OS X…
Homebrew Not Installed
Don’t run this as root!

This sounds to me, that something is wrong with grep and with hombrew.

What i have to do or to fix?

Is there a link to a special OSX-Forum?

You shouldn’t run the tool as root. It will call sudo as needed for what root-level access it uses. The error is that it’s trying to install Homebrew, but you don’t want to do that as root.

Either install Homebrew manually as a normal user, or run letsencrypt-auto with your normal user account.

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Oh! i really thank You!
This fixed my Problem.

(in a manual [c’t magazine] they wrote, root permissions are necessary, so i tried letsencrypt as root)

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