Find registered email address of a certificate

I have run the following command to register an account and then issue a certificate

~/ --register-account -m MY_EMAIL
~/ --issue -d --standalone

My question is can somebody find my email in the certificate's metadata when connecting to ?

No, it's purely for Let's Encrypt to inform you about e.g. expiration of the certificate or important notifications regarding e.g. incidents. It's only connected to your ACME account and will not end up in the certificate what so ever.

That said, I'm speaking about Let's Encrypt here, but defaults to ZeroSSL. I'm preeeeetty sure ZeroSSL also doesn't put the ACME account emails into the certificate.


@Osiris, the question is very broad.
Yes, LE doesn't include such meta data.
But, I can't be certain about all other CAs.


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