Facebook as a new sponsor

It’s amazing to see that Facebook is becoming a part of LetsEncrypt financially, thing is, I feel that the NSA can look at Facebook’s data with ease and I hope that Facebook doesn’t make it’s way into LetsEncrypt in a technical manner so data from LE isn’t potentially seen by you know… “those guys”… I’m not trying to start a fight or anything, just something to think about.

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For a follow up. I think Facebook is doing great things outside of it’s own company. I don’t think that Facebook is bad in any way.

I really don’t think simply being a sponsor gives you any leverage over the project like that. It didn’t seem to affect Mozilla when Google was funding them, so I don’t see why Let’s Encrypt having Facebook as a sponsor would change anything.

No no I completely understand. Sorry if I mis-lead you. I just don’t want them to be so into the project they have access over everything. I’ll delete this thread, sorry.

wow great news

congrats LE !

With this new sponsor, Let’s Encrypt has now a total funding of about $1.6 Millions per year.

This is huge!

but is it really enough ? hopefully more sponsors come on board !

I believe that Let’s Encrypt can operate with a lot less than that so I hope it is enough.

@josh @jsha @cpu it would be nice if your Privacy Policy explicitly addressed what you do and do not share with sponsors.

You don't list them under What We Share, so I assume you don't share any personally identifying information with them, and you certainly can't provide an exhaustive list of who you don't share information with. But I think your sponsors are a special case, and it would assuage a lot of people's fears if they were explicitly mentioned in the Privacy Policy in some fashion.

EDIT: why are all these two year old posts getting bumped today? I keep trying to answer or answering ancient threads...

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A spammer posted in this topic and a few others earlier.


Entities do not gain access to PII as part of sponsoring Let’s Encrypt. As you said, it doesn’t make sense to list every entity or category of entity that we don’t give access to but I’ll make a note to look into sponsors as a special case for next time we update our privacy policy.