Hi, after making my site https, ssllabs shows my https rank as “F” and open to open ssl padding vulnerability. The server is Ubuntu 15.04. I did the same on Ubuntu 14.04 and the https rank was “A”. I am using Apache and Tomcat. Should I re-try the lets encrypt steps on my Ubuntu 15.04 server? Please suggest

Update your version of OpenSSL

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certificate has almost nothing to affect the rating.
It just can be trusted or not (and may have short key or obsolete signature, but LE doesnt sign such certs)
the rest are your server config issues. OpenSSL, cipher set, allowed TLS versions…

Ubuntu 15.04 is EOL (end of life), upgrade to 16.04, which is a LTS version or use 14.04 (previous LTS, still supported).

thank you for the responses guys. I will try going update OpenSSL. If this doesnt work, will back to 14.04.
Kelunik - what do you mean by EOL of 15.04?

EOL means End-of-Life, meaning the product is not supported anymore (i.e. no security updates, bug fixes, etc.)

Ubuntu lists their EOL cycles on this page. Standard releases are only supported for 9 months, so most users prefer LTS releases for server usage.

thank you for the response. I will move back to 14.04 soon.

Why not considering moving to 16.04 instead ?

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