Expecting a .key private certificate


Sorry I’m new to certbot so apologies for the new by question.

I generated certificates using the following commands:

sudo certbot certonly
--server https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory
--domain *.microlee.co.uk

Which generated a folder on my C drive which .pen certificates in but no .key files which I was expecting.

Any idea’s on what I could be doing wrong?

Many thanks,

Welcome to the community @Leewol76

I don't have a Windows system right now to double-check but I think you should have a privkey.pem file. Which I think is what you are looking for.

If that does not help, what files are in the folder with the .pem files?

Here is certbot's doc about the files created. It doesn't say anything specific about Windows but I assume it's the same as Linux (except for folder names)



privkey.pem is your private key.


Thanks for the responses but the application i need to upload the private key to is expecting a .key file. Do I need to change the format of the privkey.pem file?

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.key is not a format it is a naming convention

without knowing your app we can't say what it needs.

But, privkey.pem is probably it. If you don't know what that .key file is supposed to be let us know the app and we can help


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