Exceeded Rate Limit

My domain is: https://donate.emergencyuk.org/

Our certificate is not able to renew as we have 'exceeded the rate limit'. We have investigated this here and can see 3 requests this month: crt.sh | donate.emergencyuk.org

Could you tell us why we are facing this error and how to fix? Because we have 3 requests but we don't have a working certificate at the moment. We are running through Plesk.

Please state the exact output of whichever command you've run. There are many different rate limits.

Why's that to begin with? What went wrong with the perfectly fine 3 certificates issued earlier today?


Thanks for your reply.

Unsure on this. Plesk shows that the site isn't being protected at the moment.

crt.sh shows five issuances, all within the space of ten minutes:

This almost exclusively happens when the issuance process is completely successful but the ACME client is throwing away the result. Is your ACME client installed within a container (e.g. docker) which is being destroyed and rebuilt from scratch? Is your ACME client installed on an ephemeral server that is losing its on-disk state every time it restarts?


Uch, is crt.sh backlogged again? :confused: Two hours ago it really just showed three..

Edit: And now it's down :scream:


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