Error with new sert

autoupdate serts gives error serts

My domain is:

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Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community, Ilya :slightly_smiling_face:

What is the full error message that you are receiving?

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we get wrong sertificate Monosnap

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Looks like you recently had a GlobalSign certificate issued:

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maby at start, but now its all encrypted

The screenshot you're showing shows an Avast certificate, which is probably due to your anti-virus software.

Also note that there was actually a certificate from Let's Encrypt issued today too, TWICE even. So there is no problem with issuance. There might however be an issue with the proper installation of the certificate.

Unfortunately you've decided to remove all the REQUIRED questions from the questionnaire. By removing all the required questions from the questionnaire you're telling me you don't want proper help. By removing all the required questions from the questionnaire, you're making life for those trying to help you very hard. Therefore I've decided not to help you further.


sorry i will read carefully next time.
you just now can look on the sertificate its not ok

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sorry other programmer used some other ssl.. panic))

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