Error: Too many certificates already issued for


Iam using a virtual server from strato and tried to secure the Plesk Backend with Let’s Enrypt since Chrome has blocked WoSign certificates. Unfortunately I’ve received following message:

Fehler: Could not issue a Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate for

The “Certificates per Registered Domain” rate limit has been exceeded for Let’s Encrypt allows no more than 20 certificates to be issued per registered domain, per week.
See the related Knowledge Base article for details.

Additional error details:
Invalid response from
Type: urn:acme:error:rateLimited
Status: 429
Detail: Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for:

Strato using the server name as subdomain under for every virtual server. I’ve read something about the Public Suffix List but Strato isnt listed. Does anybody have an information why Strato isnt in this list?

Because they never asked to be. Only official domain extensions like .org or are added to the Public Suffix List automatically. Private domains like must request to be added themselves.

The request must come from an employee who can prove ownership over the domain via DNS, not from a customer. Also, the administrators of the list are reluctant to add domains solely for the purpose of avoiding Let’s Encrypt’s rate limits. So you should reach out to Stratoserver and ask that they make the request, and be sure to mention the other benefits to listing their domain in the list, such as protecting their customer’s cookies from each other, so they include this rationale in their request as well.

Alternatively, you can get your own domain and point that to your VPS instead. Many providers offer domain names for as little as €0,99.

Hi Patches,

I asked Strato. Here is the answer:

Bei dem Domain handelt es sich um ein Domain von STRATO AG. Die Subdomains werden für Verwaltungsaufgaben gedacht. Diese Subdomains sind nicht für Produktiv umgebung gedacht. Eine Eintragung zum Public Suffix ist zur Zeit nicht geplant. Für einen Produktiv umgebung ist es auf jeden Fall ratsam, einen eigenen Domain als Hostnamen zu verwenden.

Sure, its better to use an own domain name instead of, also for maintenance tasks.

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