Error: .systems Domain on Plesk at create certificate

Hi community,

at first the situation:
I have a .systems Domain, and i use Plesk for the Server and Website administration.

Now i have tried to create a Let´s Encrypt certificate for the .systems Domain - This does not work.
Can you give me a tip, how i can bypass the “bug”?

Plesk gives following error:

Fehler: Could not issue a Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate for *DOMAIN*.systems. Authorization for the domain failed.
Invalid response from https://*****-*******/authz/***********************************.
Type: urn:acme:error:connection
Status: 400



Could you please specify the affected domain name and the whole uncensored log output.

Thanks for your answer.
By copying the message from the Plesk-Output, the output is censored.

Here the Screenshot:
Sorry, the Domain i cant write (privacy)

Privacy is no reason here, since every certificate (including the domain name) is public data.

From the screenshot I can at least say that your host is unreachable or there is no software listening on port 80 (http) which could deliver the challenge file.

Thanks for your answer.
That´s not right. The Domain works, and a Site is running on port 80.
The Domain is richable in all regions.

Let´s Encrypt works with all my Domains (.de, .com., .net, ...) but not at the .systems Domain.
So i think the problem is on the domainend ".systems"

Then please update the thread topic to draw more attention on this.

That would be unusual. A "Timeout" error is an HTTP issue. At the point Let's Encrypt is making HTTP requests to IP addresses, everything TLD specific has already happened. Unless the TLD is handing out strange and incorrect DNS records, the issue is elsewhere.

Let's Encrypt has issued certificates for .systems domains since this thread was posted. (Though, to be honest, the challenges could have been performed earlier.)

We can't give very specific advice without more information... Are you sure the DNS records are correct? The A records are right? There isn't an out-of-date AAAA record? What's different between this domain and the other domains?


at first thanks for your answer!
The .systems Domain is completely ident to the other Domains - Only the domainend is another…

The DNS Records are right, the Domains are on the same server, and the same DNS records
Do you have an other suggestion?

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