Error renewing certificate lightsail debian

Hi I am hosting a Wordpress site on amazon lightsail on Debian, I ran into an issue while renewing my Cert.

Initially, I renewed it according to the method on the lightsail doc for doing so,


however that didn't work and the certificate is still expired on the site, attempting to do it again results in the message below

What would you like to do?

1: Keep the existing certificate for now
2: Renew & replace the cert (limit ~5 per 7 days)

Choosing option 2 results in no change, simply a confirmation of renewal, however, checking the certificate on the site it is still the one that expired on the 20th, in panic after the no change happened I deleted the txt records could this be the cause of the problem, any advice would be appreciated? Relatively new to this type of thing. Thank you

certbot 0.31.0

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You already issued three certificates yesterday, how did you expect another renewal would fix things, when the previous renewals were already succesful (in terms of certificate issuance), but didn't result in your expected results?

Did you do all the steps from the guide? You'll have to repeat all the manual Bitnami steps (if you follow this specific guide). It doesn't end with certbot, that's just the half of the guide.


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