Error - Private file is not supported

I am using Ubuntu 16.4. I received SSL certificate files. When I tried importing certificate in ACM i.e. certificate manager in AWS, I got following error

“Private file is not supported”

I checked certbot is using RSA2048, Version 3

Does anybody know what could be the issue?

AWS Certificate Manager is intended for use with Amazon’s certificate authority only. It is not possible to import certificates from third-party certificate authorities like Let’s Encrypt into it.

If you want to use a Let’s Encrypt certificate with an AWS service you have to import the certificate directly into the service you want to use, typically either your Elastic Load Balancer or your CloudFront distribution.

But unless you have a particularly compelling reason to use Let’s Encrypt, it’s generally easier to just get an Amazon certificate using ACM.

Well, you can import a Let’s Encrypt or other third-party certificate into ACM. But it’s indeed not a great idea to do so, because ACM manages automatic renewals for the certificates it issues, whereas if you import a certificate you have to handle the renewals yourself.

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TIL. :flushed: The error really looks like a private key pasted where a CSR should have gone.

You pasted the cert.pem file as the certificate, the privkey.pem file as the private key, and chain.pem as the chain, correct? Using fullchain.pem where you are not supposed to could result in this error I guess…

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