Error: Incorrect TXT record

The Certbot isn't suitable for me, so I want to write a Python program by myself. But I don't know how to compute the SHA-256 digest for DNS challenge. Although I have looked the document, I
am still confused. Could someone show me a example about how to compute the SHA-256 digest?

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It looks like Certbot uses Pythons own Hashlib functions: certbot/ at 7f9857a81b7064d767f694e033b29dc4bb942406 · certbot/certbot · GitHub


You're linking to a draft. It's probably better to use the end result: RFC 8555 - Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME)


You're probably better off using the python acme library that certbot uses, or trying one of the other clients, rather than building your own unless you're doing something particularly weird or different from others.


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