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Hi even I have this problem I change the vps but I am getting error so what can I do now to solve this issues but I have old certificate with me I have downloaded from old vps can I upload that certificate through putty. and I am sharing the image for error.


Hello. :slightly_smiling_face:

As was indicated in the topic where you first posted your error:

You already have too many certificates issued for the particular combination of domain names:, You can view all of them at |

Even if you have an old certificate, you would also need its private key. Did you delete ALL of the newly issued certificates and their private keys?

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Hi yes i have totally reinstalled the vps so i dont have any certificate now for this domain

Hi yes i have totally reinstalled the vps so i dont have any certificate now for this domain

So you’ve asked Let’s Encrypt to do the work of issuing a certificate for you, five times within the last week, and you’ve thrown away all the results. And now you want another one. You can get it a week from the time the first was issued.

If you were testing, that’s what the staging environment is for. While you’re waiting for the rate limit to reset, you can read up on how to use it, so you can ensure that you’re otherwise using the system properly.


What @danb35 is referencing is the –dry-run parameter for certbot. Using that parameter will allow you to go through the whole process and perfect your configuration without actually issuing real certificates. It has limits too, but they’re much greater than the limits of the normal (production) process. Let’s get that working properly then we’ll see about getting you a real certificate. Please use your usual certbot command with the addition of –dry-run and post the full output here so we can take a look. In case it’s not apparent, there are TWO HYPHENS (–) before dry-run.

Hi dry-run did not help me so can i know next when it will be issue for me new certificate

Hi @sameer30

that's already answered.

You need to fix your configuration with dry run then post the output. Asking again to not issue a certificate correctly isn’t going to help.

Hi alrigt thanks for help i will wait for next week.

dry run i tried but i am getting error no active certificates. As it is new vps the old vps i have uninstalled.

Active certificates should not matter. I just wanted to make sure you’re set up to acquire certificates and autorenew correctly so that you don’t run into problems again. Once we get that established, I can get you a new certificate.

Thank You very much i will wait for the new certificate.

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