Error creating a certificate with hostname Duck DNS


I have tried a few times to create a certificate using the standard acme procedure with a Duck DNS hostname: --issue --dns dns_duckdns -d -d *

but I always get the error:

Error, can not get domain token "type":"dns-01","url":"","status":"invalid","error":

The same procedure with a different service has worked smoothly.

Can you please help? Where am I wrong?


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The default Certificate Authority (CA) for is ZeroSSL which is what you tried.

Use the --server option to set Let's Encrypt. You can even change the default CA


Thanks! It has worked.

But I am wondering, why the command:

./ --issue --dns dns_dynu -d -d *

has perfectly worded with and with Duck DNS it is necessary to use the --server option to set Let's Encrypt?

Thansk for helping, daniele

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I don't know. Was this a new setup with

Maybe your dynu certs were issued by ZeroSSL? Is that possible?

When you hide your domain names it is not possible to give specific advice


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