Error connection new cert Synology

This is your NAS responding (via nginx) on (external) port 80?

And (external) port 443?


Yes, it is the nas login page

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From here:

You want to use Scenario 2 and enter as your domain name. Enter an email address at which to receive expiration and revocation notices. Leave the SAN blank. Technically the domain name is the "common name (CN)", which will always be included as a SAN anyhow.


It's basically how I do it, thanks for the information
From now on, I will always try without the SAM
In a few days when I have more attempts, try again, but I can not understand that it may be failing, and more anger at having created it well and not having installed correctly, I never pass that error message.

Anyway thanks for the support @griffin


Failure may have not created this redirection?

create a CNAME www -> non-www

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I have good news, problem solved.

I found the solution to the problem in an old community thread, blessed search engine

when i changed rules to 80>80, 443>443, 5000>5000, and 5001>5001, it pulled the paid domain cert just fine

It was to make the adjustments and work the first time, I am very happy and I leave here the solution for those who, as in my case, with everything apparently well configured, gave the domain error.

Thanks to everyone who helped me

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