ECDSA Issuance available in Staging: March 24

We are now ready begin issuing certificates from our (STAGING) Ersatz Edamame E1 ECDSA intermediate in Staging.

With ECDSA issuance enabled, all requests for Staging certificates with ECDSA keys will be issued from our ECDSA hierarchy. There will not be a way to get an RSA certificate for an ECDSA key, nor vice versa; the way to control which issuer you get is to control what kind of key you generate locally.

All certificates issued by this intermediate will come with a chain Subscriber Cert <-- Ersatz Edamame E1 <-- Bogus Broccoli X2 <-- Pretend Pear X1. We will not offer the shorter chain rooted at Bogus Broccoli X2 until the real X2 is accepted into root programs' trust stores.

This change will go into effect starting Wednesday, March 24, when we do our normal Staging config deployment. The staging environment site will be updated to include the ECDSA hierarchy before that time.

Thanks, and enjoy your new, small ECDSA certificates!