ECC Curve Support

HI Team,

Do we support all ECC curves ? I tried generating certificate for these curves sect113r1, c2pnb163v1, wap-wsg-idm-ecid-wtls11, brainpoolP512r1 but it always ended up with below error

““detail”: “Error parsing certificate request: x509: unsupported elliptic curve””

I used the Dehydrated acme client to generate the certificate.

Thank You

Let’s Encrypt supports P-256 and P-384.

The only other curve permitted by the Baseline Requirements followed by CAs in the web PKI is P-521.

(EdDSA with Ed25519 is coming along eventually.)

Unless something drastic changes, it’s unlikely other traditional curves are going to be adopted. The trend has been to move to fewer/better/better-implemented algorithms. And we’re probably going to have an explosion of post-quantum algorithms all too soon.


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