Easyspace using lets encrypt

Hi, Let’s Encrypt.

I have just Built a Web Site and purchased it through ‘Easyspace.com’.
On checking Easyspace.com have charged me £21 +VAT (£25.20) for having your
FREE SSL certificate ??
a) I have just contacted them to ask why I have paid,
b) I hope they are donating to your services if they are pinching them, and chargeing a commercial price.
I believe in being fair, but I don’t think Eayspace are being fair?.
Comments Please…
Kind Regards,
Rod Smith

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I don’t think they are either, but they’re free to do so. And you’re free to take your business to a less user-hostile host.


Have Easyspace read Lets Encrypt trademark policy ???

If you offer software or services that are related to ISRG software or services, you may not imply – either by statement or omission – that downloading ISRG software or using ISRG services is tied to the download of your software, or to the purchase or use of your service. Use of ISRG software or services may not be connected in any way to the download of your software, or to the purchase or use of your service. You must provide a prominent statement that (i) the ISRG software or service is available for free, and link directly to our site; (ii) the purchase, download, or acquisition of your software or services is separate from the download of the ISRG software or use of the ISRG service; and (iii) your software or service is not affiliated with, or sponsored or endorsed by, ISRG.

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thank you, but I like other consumers to be aware, and not be criticised for using a certain host.

ISRG Employees have gone on record here stating that providers are free to charge for Let’s Encrypt certificates if they choose to, just as consumers are free to find different hosting providers if they don’t want to pay for a service that is typically free elsewhere.

EDIT: Here’s a link

That aside, I don’t agree with what Easyspace is doing and I would certainly never give them any of my business.

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Thank you. Softwear providers do a lot of work that is unfortunatly stolen for free. Keep prices fair and softwear will sell.
Charging for a free service is unkind, and not done in the best interest of that company.
We have a choice, but all facts should be on rhe table to make any decisions.
They are trying to now tell me they gave me all the details of the service when they clearly did not.

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I would be happy if they clearly donate to lets encrypt for the good of the communith.
Please let me know if they do, or have done.

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Found link for future use:

Anyone know any others?? as well as lets encrypt.
Most people need an ssl that doesnt involve tne provider, and the one above provides an http text that makes it easy.

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Providers like ZeroSSL are not recommended, because they don’t provide a mechanism of automation, thus requiring manual intervention every 90 days which can lead to expired certificates and service disruptions.

Here’s a list of some ACME clients which can automate certificate issuance and renewals

EDIT: I also realize you may be thinking ZeroSSL issues their own certificates, ZeroSSL is just a Let’s Encrypt client.

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