Duplicate [unused] 301 redirect block in initial NGINX config

I installed a brand new server (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with latest stable NGINX). When installing my certificate it asked if I wanted to force all traffic to https from http. I selected yes. All works but I see this in the config: https://img.frl/8utp1

It seems to create two identical blocks for the redirect and one is commented. Is there any reason for it or is it a bug?

Did you run certbot only once?
or did you run it once before and originally chose NO?

Either way, it does look like an unhandled scenario.

As commented lines don’t actually do anything, it falls short of being a “bug”.

I selected YES on the first time it was asked and the certificates where created on the first attempt. It was odd to me and I was therefor wondering if there was a reason for it or something that should be fixed. It doesn’t break anything, it would only qualify as minor.

Ok, I’ve moved the topic to where it may get better/proper exposure.
To that end, please detail the version used and the complete command run.

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