Domain renew dns challenge

Hey i use the wildcard option with dns challenge i put the txt taken, get thr certificate when i renew need to change the taken ?

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i use plesk plugin there is any automation for that i have somthing like 700 websites

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why somtimes he doesnt change the taken?

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Let's Encrypt normally caches valid authorizations temporarily -- currently around 30 days -- allowing you to issue multiple certificates with the same names without validating multiple times. Not only is the TXT record value the same -- because the authorization and challenge objects are literally the same -- it won't be rechecked and doesn't have to exist at all.

It's not useful for renewing because 30 days is less than 60 days.

Authorizations may not always be cached, and this could change in the future, so clients should always be prepared to validate. But they don't always actually have to.

What Plesk plugin are you using? I'm not a Plesk expert, but I thought they all supported full automation.


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